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As a business transfer agent, Connecor act as an intermediary between owners and future owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Although our clients come from all over the world, Latin America and Southeast Asia are fast-growing markets for our services.

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Connecor has offices on all continents, but we focus particularly on Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. In addition to our own offices in Spain, Cyprus, and Hong Kong, we have eight affiliate offices and 30 associate offices worldwide.

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At any given time many companies and businesses are for sale, because of current owner boredom or burnout, retirement, lack of capital, etc. If there is no apparent successor within the company, the owner(s) will have to find a successor from outside and will need to look for a buyer…

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  • homepageh1581

    Connecor Investments launches a new interactive and multifunctional website

    Following the reorganization and expansion of Connecor Investments (Connecor) into three own offices and eight affiliated offices, a new interactive website with improved design has now been launched. The website offers optimized access to Connecor’s information, activities and product portfolio.

  • chiromerides2

    Connecting the Dots – Gold Magazine

    Falling on difficult times, feeling jaded, lacking succession planning: these are all good reasons to feel disillusioned with one’s business. But hope is at hand. Marios Chiromerides, Managing Director of Connecor Investments, explains how the newly opened Nicosia-based office of this internatio

  • intro to business investment

    An introduction to the business investment philosophy

    We all dream of making huge investments with our own funds or by pushing for bank lines of credit in order to fund an innovative business plan. Generally, we intend to invest a lot of time and resources during this period; Despite making our best...