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As a business transfer agent, Connecor act as an intermediary between owners and future owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Although our clients come from all over the world, Latin America and Southeast Asia are fast-growing markets for our services.

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At Connecor we focus particularly on Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, from our offices in Spain, Cyprus, and Hong Kong.

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At any given time many companies and businesses are for sale, because of current owner boredom or burnout, retirement, lack of capital, etc. If there is no apparent successor within the company, the owner(s) will have to find a successor from outside and will need to look for a buyer…

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  • manager in warehouse

    How to Value Inventory when Buying a Business

    “Buying a business can be a complicated process. There are many aspects that can cause failures in the negotiations between sellers and buyers or cause animosity between the seller and the buyer. One such area is the valuation of the business. Determining the worth of...

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    Business Valuation Methods

     Nine Basic Valuation Methods There are nine basic methods for valuing a business.  Some methods are more appropriate for certain types of businesses than others.  Often, the buyer and seller use different methods and only after lengthy negotiations do they arrive at a fair price. ...

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    Positioning your Business for Sale

    No one knows for certain, however, there is a general consensus among professional business brokers that somewhere around one out of every five or six businesses in a country with annual sales below $10 million are for sale at any given time. Among businesses with...