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At any given time many companies and businesses are for sale in any country or region, not so much because of economic crises, but because of the aging of the population (retirement) and lack of succession, cashing in, strategic reorientation, new technologies a.o.. And most of these companies are in excellent shape!

If there is no apparent successor within the company, the owner(s) will have to find a successor from outside and will need to look for a buyer. The search for serious buyers or investors is a complicated and time-consuming process. Connecor, with its worldwide network of offices and associates, knows as no other company how to find these buyers or investors.

When you want to buy a company, it is not easy to find a good one. There may be many businesses for sale, but it is difficult to assess which are the good ones and to get relevant and up-to-date information on them.

For a buyer it may be hard to find transparency in the books of private companies, which makes it very difficult to determine if the price is fair. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your money and your future. Get professional assistance and guidance!

There are Hundreds of opportunities in Europe, Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia and (South) Africa.

In Europe and North America literally tens of thousands of companies are looking for new owners as the massive retirements, new technologies and strategic reorientation, but also the credit crisis and difficulties with financing are reshaping entire industries.

At the same time companies and investors from countries like Brazil, Russia, India and Brazil (BRIC) are interested in expanding and investing, to enter new markets and compete globally.