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SWOT analysis of family business

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The SWOT analysis is an excellent tool for organizing information, presenting solutions, identifying roadblocks and emphasizing opportunities: STRENGTHS Greater capacity for progress Less bureaucracy for decision-making Greater commitment. More entrepreneurship and innovation Greater opportunities in segmented markets Best social and working atmosphere WEAKNESSES    …

How to increase the valuation of your company

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These are the ten keys to increase the value of your business: 1. Corporate Identity. 2. Brands and registered patents. 3. Original and differentiated products or services in the market. 4. Template efficient, employees and key managers. 5. Efficient corporate structure with or without the…

Business Valuation Methods

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 Nine Basic Valuation Methods There are nine basic methods for valuing a business.  Some methods are more appropriate for certain types of businesses than others.  Often, the buyer and seller use different methods and only after lengthy negotiations do they arrive at a fair price. …