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Connecor Newsletter no. 7, 2013

Connecor Newsletter no. 7, 2013

Posted by Connecor Team in Featured, Media Centre, Newsletter 21 Sep 2013

Seller Earn Out – a Brokers’ view

Contrary to what many sellers believe, an Earn Out component to a business sale is not necessarily a bad thing. As a business broker firm, we see the incidents of bad buyer behaviour, but if properly used an Earn Out can be an excellent tool to maximize seller proceeds….

New Connecor Office: Cyprus

Connecor expands its business in Cyprus, and consequently in the Middle East region.

Despite the banking and fiscal problems the advantages of the Cyprus business environment are still there: highly educated workforce, excellent infrastructure, attractive tax regime, increasing international population and small adaptable economy….

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Connecor Newsletter no. 7 2013