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Differentiating the use of experienced advisers

Differentiating the use of experienced advisers

Posted by Connecor Team in Articles/Blog, Media Centre 28 Nov 2013

When considering the sale or the purchase of a business, it is essential that you have chosen the correct representation in financial advisers, lawyers, and Business Brokers. The most important partners when buying a company will be these advisers. We will discuss how to correctly select a financial advisor, Business Broker and / or lawyer.

The use of a experienced financial advisor or attorney can be vital to a business transaction. A good financial advisor or attorney can help with the analysis of the business purchase and and can help with projecting the future tax consequences applied to the transaction. When looking for legal or tax attorney, be sure to look for an advisor who is dedicated to the management and completion of business transactions. This means that you should seek financial advisor or attorneys who have experience in achieving closure of a transaction, meanwhile offering you a certain degree of protection for any errors that may occur during this process.It is not unusual to find a lawyer or a financial adviser who appears to engage in transactions closures, when they actually have little experience in completing such transactions. They are very skilled in preparing contracts or reviews of the company and may be specialists in tax preparation, but may not have a dedicated advisor to the transaction of business sale.

When interviewing these potential advisers, be sure to request a list of their previous transactions closed for use as a barometer of success. If he can not provide a list of successful operations completed in representing a buyer or a seller, you should probably start looking for a professional Business Broker.

The transfer of a business is often complex. Normally a successful operation includes large amounts of paperwork for completing the sale or purchase, which is time consuming. If are not able to invest the time necessary to properly manage this process, you should hire a professional to manage it. Many aspects related to the sale of a business can be daunting. This is why buyers and sellers often seek the services of a third party capable of guide them through the process of business transfer. You will need someone who is sufficiently prepared and with a ‘cool head’ to distinguish the good from the bad. This intermediary must also be honest enough to walk away from a desperate handover.

Let us recall an important fact: any advisers you contract are just that, advisers. Do not expect them to make your decisions as an entrepreneur.You will still be responsible for the transaction, so you should have the right to decisions and the last word!

A Business Broker acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. They have existing resources such as a list of customers willing to complete an acquisition, and / or those which are geared to selling a business. These Business Brokers also have the resources to market their products through an extensive network of international professionals and know to contact a wide range of potential buyers and sellers. The services provided by such broker usually provide confidential marketing efforts for the purchase or sale of the company, such as proposals, advertisements and publications.

Hiring a Business Broker with genuine experience is highly advantageous for the management and completion of a business transaction, especially when it involves decisions that are out of your normal practices. They will handle any part of the transaction; from organizing interviews, to investigating credit lines and even monitoring the lawyers involved. When you hire a professional Business Broker, you only have to worry about accepting the propositions offered.

If you are considering purchasing or selling a business, the main objective of the Business Broker will be to your optimize transaction. Connecor Investments offers its clients these types of Business Brokerage services. If you are interested in more information, just contact us.