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Great opportunities in times of crisis

Great opportunities in times of crisis

Posted by Connecor Team in Media 26 nov 2013

Connecting Businesses – Distressed Assets & Businesses in Spain, 4 trim. 2012

Spain is going to its most severe economic crisis since joining the European Community in 1986. The credit crisis has crippled the local banks, loaded with mortgages on overpriced real estate and burdened by the governments’ need to finance the country’s increasing deficit. There is simply no liquidity left to finance smaller companies. Previously thriving companies are now struggling to survive with no sources of lending or funding available to them.

We have access to a number of investments in businesses and business assets that are offered for sale for the sole reason that there are no forms of financing available anymore. Some businesses are in desperate need of financing, others are already in bankrupcy procedures. businesses and assets exceptional values.

Please check with us if you have a specific interest in an industry region; we have direct or indirect knowledge of many more opportunities that might give you the possibility to enter in a certain industry or a very low investment!