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Increase the value of your business by preparing it to be sold

Increase the value of your business by preparing it to be sold

Posted by Connecor Team in Articles/Blog, Media Centre 23 Aug 2013

Many business owners see, when running the sale of their business, that the value that concluded the sale did not achieve their personal financial goals, retirement plans or other goals.

If the execution of the sale is completed for less value than it intended to achieve, there is no other remedy than to adjust your objectives to the present reality. However, if a planned exit strategy was applied two, three, or five years before placing the company on the market, the options to suit for your need increase. One of these options may be to grow your business and its processes to attract strategic buyers based on the synergistic value, rather than financial value.

Entrepreneurs that identify the problem and act accordingly, could double the size of the business in preparation for divestment. These processes can be described as a “preparation for sale.” It is recommended that during this time that you are advised by M&A specialists with the necessary professional services for this process.

The entrepreneur must have the inner qualities, discipline, time, focus and determination to plan and execute this corporate transformation gradually. However, at Connecor we have already made ​​several plans that would guide you to a dedicated and specialized route for your exit.

“Be very careful if you do not know where you’re going, because you might never get there.”

Often synergistic values ​​ are created which potential buyers will value at the time of acquisition. The planned exit strategy seeks to incorporate the drivers of value that buyers seek.