Business Opportunities In or Around Barcelona, Spain

  • Reference: BW-SPA-001  
  • Region: Europe 
  • Country: Spain 
  • Telephone: (34) 93 476 0170 (Spain) 
  • Email: 

Business Wanted:

General Information:

We are looking for opportunity-driven companies preferably in the lifestyle & leisure sector, health & care, food & beverages or sustainability & outsourcing. The companies need a Proven Business Model with sustainable non speculative cash flow.

The companies should focus on traditional sectors and not life sciences nor ICT. The company should have a retail business concept or niche distribution/production model with international scope.

We prefer Spanish businesses with international potential in or around Barcelona or a link with potential in South America. It can also be a Belgian company with international potential.

Important financial information:

  • Equity investments between € 0,75 M – € 3 M
  • Operational profit before amortizations [EBITDA] of min. € 750 K
  • Preferably 100% of equity, or a minimum of 50%