Distributor of Disposable Supplies for HORECA & Other Products (Spain)

  • Reference: BFS-SPA-004 
  • Sector: Food/Staples Retailing 
  • Region: Europe 
  • Country: Spain 
  • Sales: €4,000,000 
  • EBITDA: 15% 
  • Assets: €1,700,000 
  • Telephone: (34) 93 454 1980 (Spain) 
  • Email: barcelona@connecor.com 

Hospitality management companies in Spain:

General Information:

Distributor of chemicals (detergents, disinfectants, degreasers, etc.) plastics (single use utensils, glasses, plates, cutlery, bags industrial and domestic waste and any products for catering fast food) and cellulose (toilet paper, paper waxed, laminated, laminated, sulphites, lace, stands, boxes and miscellaneous items)

Specialized items caterers and catering supplies, distributes a wide variety of custom packaging products that combine quality, functionality and multiple printing possibilities. The company is promoting its import line offering new products and better prices for their customers. It has proven results after the increase in sales volume of customers.


 The use of plastics in packaging has increased around the world with an estimated 280 metric tons. The packaging industry is the largest user of plastics, over 90% of flexible packaging made ​​of plastic, compared to only 17% of rigid packaging. Barrier resins generally used plastic containers by modifications to improve product protection and be more profitable.

The wholesale of disposable paper bags and plastic products industry have low barriers to enter the market; especially considering the capital requirements to start a business in this sector. Since this industry is in the decline phase of its life cycle, industry participants have declined as revenue growth of existing businesses has declined. However, competition remains high, as there are still a significant number of operators in the sector. The IBIS World estimates that there are about three thousand companies that specialize in this industry.


The company distributes a variety of products for different uses (over 3,000 products). Its stock for products ensures the best service to its customer base. It offers:

– Cellulose

– Cloth bags

– Paper

– Beakers

– Dispensers

– Gelato articles

– Single-use gourmet

– Food packaging

– Cleaning products

– Cleaning supplies

– Tanks and containers

– Disposable cutlery

– ‘Fast-food’ Packaging

– Disposable plates

– Coils, bags and plastic sheeting

– Plastic and Paper Bags

– Laces, trays and stands

– Tablecloths and napkins

– Gloves and protective clothing

– Aluminum and PVC film

– Etc.