Balearic Food Distributor for sale (Spain)

  • Reference: BFS-SPA-038 
  • Sector: Food/Beverage/Tobacco 
  • Region: Europe 
  • Country: Spain 
  • Sales: €2,500,000 
  • EBITDA: 5% 
  • Telephone: (34) 93 454 1980 (Spain) 
  • Email: 

Balearic Food Distributor

General Information:

The company has positioned itself as a market leader in the industry supplying food industry clients on the Balearic Islands. Its products are distinguished by selecting specific, high-quality products of which has given them recognition and a good reputation within the islands. Along with an excellent service they ensure continued attention to their customers and respond quickly to the demands whilst maintaining healthy amount of stock. Its modern facilities allow them to work at 3 different temperatures: room-temperature, refrigerated and frozen. Thus, being able to offer its customers premium products in optimal storage conditions. They distribute the products to hotels, restaurants, communities, schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

The entity has several lines of distribution throughout the Balearic islands offering a variety of products to its clients. However, it mainly focuses on the distribution of fresh products of short self life to these clients. Due to the fact that the shelf life is short these products need a specialized distribution system to deliver the products as fresh as possible. The specialty lies in several factors, one of which is through refrigerated vehicles.

The opportunity lies in acquiring a functioning and profitable distribution centre for specific foods. The investing party could acquire several contracts of services with different big players in this market. Apart from that, the acquiring party has the possibility to gain a larger share in the market by attaining other possibly interested clients.


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