Optical Lens Manufacturer for sale (Spain)

  • Reference: BFS-SPA-010 
  • Sector: Household/Personal 
  • Region: Europe 
  • Country: Spain 
  • Telephone: (34) 93 454 1980 (Spain) 
  • Email: barcelona@connecor.com 

 Optical Lens Manufacturer for Sale in Spain

General Information:

With over 50 years of market presence and extensive experience in the field of optics, this market leading lens manufacturer has an extensive supply of minerals and organic lenses which, covers the demand for its customers. The company specializes in several different lens formats and designs, and makes the lens according to how the client needs it. This company has continued being innovative and it has implemented a new manufacturing process to ensure efficiency. The lens quality is optimum and has allowed them to work with big brands. There continued effort to innovate and produce high quality lenses and give their clients personalized attention has allowed them to occupy a part of the optical market in Spain.

Market opportunities

The Spanish optical sector record sales of approximately 2,999 million per year, of which:

• 950 million are performed by ophthalmic lenses;
• 500 million are performed by graduates therefor;
• € 325 million are made by sunglasses;
• 260 million are made by contact lenses (210 million) and maintenance products (50 million);

In Spain there are about 13,000 eye care professionals of which:

• 3,500 are ophthalmologists.
• 9,500 are Opticians-Optometrists;

Approximately 24 million people utilize some form of vision correction such as, glasses or contact lenses. That is over 50% of the Spanish population. The need for vision correction amongst the part of the society less than 20 years is 20%. The need for correction for the citizens over 60 years is 92%.

The sale is for the entire company, giving a chance for a foreign company to enter a new market. The price and financials of the business still needs to be evaluated.

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