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Business Valuation Methods

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 Nine Basic Valuation Methods There are nine basic methods for valuing a business.  Some methods are more appropriate for certain types of businesses than others.  Often, the buyer and seller use different methods and only after lengthy negotiations do they arrive at a fair price. …

Connecor Investments launches a new interactive and multifunctional website

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Following the reorganization and expansion of Connecor Investments (Connecor) into three own offices and eight affiliated offices, a new interactive website with improved design has now been launched. The website offers optimized access to Connecor’s information, activities and product portfolio. The interactive platform, thanks to…

Great opportunities in times of crisis

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Connecting Businesses – Distressed Assets & Businesses in Spain, 4 trim. 2012 Spain is going to its most severe economic crisis since joining the European Community in 1986. The credit crisis has crippled the local banks, loaded with mortgages on overpriced real estate and burdened by the governments’ need to finance the…